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"Specializing In Surety Service For The Construction Industry Since 1972"

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Arthur K. Broder, President and Managing Agent of Broder & Company has been working in the bond business since 1972 and that experience dealing with owners, general contractors, subs, etc. is invaluable in todays ever changing surety market.

Whether you have had bonding before or are just learing about it, there are three quick things to ask yourself...

1.) Line of Credit- Are you able to bid jobs you want to bid? Are you a 10% working capital case, when you should be a 5% or better case? That could be the difference in doubling your work program and bond line.

2.) Rate- Are you paying $25.00 per thousand when you could be paying $14.40 per thousand or even $10.00 per thousand? That can save you money and make you more competitive.

3.) Service- Do you get your bond requests answered early or do you have to wait until the last minute? We strive on meeting all of our clients needs as quickly and efficently as possible.

If you feel your bond needs are not being met to your standards, please contact us.